Super Paper


It's here at last

Ever run out of toilet paper?

We did, and the first thing we resorted to was the box of tissues. But tissues don't last very long under lavatory conditions.

Do you buy kitchen paper?

Sure you do. Most families do. However, you probably never thought of using kitchen paper in a toilet roll crisis.

Here's a product for you!

Our new product combines all the features of kitchen and toilet paper for one great roll!

Super Paper is for you!

Our new product is just what you have been looking for. A combined kitchen and toilet paper will guarantee that you always have extra paper in the house if needed.

But what about fitting to dispensers?

Easy! With our patented central perforation, the larger kitchen paper size tube can be broken down into two toilet paper tubes, fitting all standard bathroom holders.

Where can I get Super Paper?

It's not available in any shops. You must purchase online. Details to follow...

20 February 2001
Ashley Frieze