The Old Waffle home

For reasons that I can't remember, I decided to stick a bunch of crap at the bottom of my main website. I've had enough of its nonsense. It was, undoubtedly, there to provide a bunch of random Google hits, but that's no reason to keep it. Therefore, I've moved it to here.

For real..?

Over the last four hundred and ninety five decades, despite rumours and intelligence indicating the contrary, we have been confirming the veracity of all of the myriad assertions. IS, WAS, WILL BE and STILL IS and frequently DOESN'T CLAIM TO BE a non-profit fun-making fun-loving brain-stimulation organism desiccated after many a long-term pursuit of entertaining combinations of vocabulary within the limits of a loving legal system (and linguistic syntax). Verily, despite accusations of obfuscation, conflagration and confoundedness, continually strives to strive to encapsulate an incomplete, though fundamentally enjoyable, understanding of metaphysical stimulation, wherever expedient, naturally. Check out the dictionary if any of this is starting to make sense. On Sundays we can be found producing fine Swedish comestibles. On Fridays it's party time, and on the eve of such outrageous fortune, we are frequently operating under unusual benthos scouring parameters. Follow the red brick road if you want to see the warlock. Don't argue with me, I'm a professional. Please search my