The Love Song home

When teenage love occurs in later life.

To no tune in particular - except the one in my head...

When I saw you in the street, I just knew you'd be mine,
To take my life incomplete, and make it turn out just fine,
But you hate me.
Oh yeah, yes you hate me.

I drew our names on a tree, where I knew you'd see them,
And pictures of my willy, right alongside your name,
Still you hate me.
Oh god, you still hate me.

My love, for you, will never die.
If I could, I'd be, the apple of your eye.
I'd take you, right up, to heaven up above,
Won't you come, with me, reluctant love?

I know you will come around, and give me love from hate,
Until that final day, yeah, I am just gonna wait,
Until you love me.
Oh yeah, when you love me.

I will hide under your car, I will crouch in gardens,
I will never be too far, you give me such hardons,
God I'm horny.
Oh god, yes I'm horny.


I got your letter today, well the one from the courts,
Ord'ring me to keep away, my affections to thwart,
Now you've hurt me.
Oh yeah, yes you've hurt me.

Didn't want to be a pain, constant irritation,
Now you've shown me my place, with your litigation,
It will not stop me.
Oh no, it will not stop me.


(to the tune of the chorus)
My love, for you, has reached its end.
Since I couldn't, be with you, I've a new friend.
She seems quite nice, but a little too meek.
She'll be begging for my love, within the week.

14 November 2000
Ashley Frieze