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Ashley's Chain Letter

That's right, amuse your enemies, baffle your friends with the new improved CHAIN LETTER.

Ever get tired of receiving the usual rubbish and having to forward it to your friends? Well here is one NOT to forward (although you always could).

This is a chain letter and has been sent to you for good luck.


Forwarding this message to 10 of your friends can only lead to bad luck.

This message started out in Australia, where Bruce Wallaby decided to send it to 10 of his friends. Within 24 hours, his left leg developed gangrene, his friends disowned him and he was run over by a kangaroo in a freak accident.

1 of his friends sent this message out to a further 10 people and his house was stolen and his garden destroyed by a whirlwind.

Henry Chatsworth received this message and accidentally forwarded it to one of his friends before deleting it from his system. He had a narrow, but lucky escape. Had he remained at his computer to send it to the remaining 9 people, he would have perished in the fireball that belched from his Hard Drive and scorched the room... badly.

Don't be foolish, do not forward this message to 10 of your friends urging them to continue the chain and spread this round the world. Bad luck and perhaps postmasters suspending your email account will only follow.


31 January 2001
Ashley Frieze